Rihanna’s injuries “horrific” Chris Brown wanted by Bajans for an “ass-buss”

New details from Tmz.com, they report that according to law enforcement sources in LA that Rihanna’s injuries are “horrific” including  contusions and at least one bite mark on her arm.

There are further reports of a screaming match before the fateful car ride after Brown was reportedly caught chatting up another woman at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party.

Meanwhile back on The Rock (Barbados) Bajans are up in arms over the drama, recalling reports of Brown’s bad behaviour when the pair were here on holiday including the alleged Hilton Hotel room bust up and the alleged garbage can-into -the-Land Rover incident.


Chris Brown and Rihanna in Barbados

Rihanna has had a bit of drama quietly surrounding her for quite some time with reports from sources close to her Bajan posse describing her local liming (hanging out) crew as “wild” and “up for anything.” The same sources say they are unsurprised by the way things with Brown have apparently turned out given the girls reported predilection for bad-boy types and drama.

Hmmm… I guess Ri Ri ain’t no sweet bread but still as the immortal Glamour Girl Sue said “Talk, but doan touch me!”


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